Hailing from The Land Down under...

Liks grew up riding the Melbourne train system "The Met", through the late 80's and early 90's. Seeing the works of such artists as Merda, Duel, Ransom, Zane Bug, Tame and Puzle, Liks quickly became consumed with graffiti, creating an obsession which remains to this day.


The first graffiti Liks ever painted was on the shed in his parents' backyard

Liks uses and sells spray paint made by Ironlak... back when he was a teenager in his hometown of Melbourne, Australia. Believe it or not, his parents didn’t yell or punish him for releasing his cans of spray paint — instead they encouraged him to express himself artistically and bought him his first book on graffiti - "Spray Can Art". When he was 19 years old, Liks moved to Canada and the beautiful mountain resort of Whistler. Although embracing the laid-back mountain lifestyle, his passion for street art is undeniable. Combined creativity and strong work ethic have resulted in various successful projects with local businesses, and clients abroad.

The one constant that remains from a young age is his avid interest in graffiti — the lettering, the artists, the history — everything graffiti. Most people curse when stopped by a train, but Liks enjoys watching the graffiti painted freights that roll by, finding inspiration from these moving displays of art that travel vast distances across the continent. 

Liks uses and sells spray paint made by the 100% Australian owned company, Ironlak. It is the paint of choice of graffiti artists as it performs extremely well in a variety of different climates, both hot and cold. Liks currently carries over 95 colours, as well as limited edition artist series cans, paint markers, nozzles and t-shirts.

Apart from enjoying his family, Liks is happiest when painting and in the future hope to continue to grow and brighten our dull boring  walls everywhere, giving people something interesting to look at and enjoy. 

He just loves letters!