What size of canvas should I choose? Does smaller mean cheaper? How long will it take to paint your canvas / mural? Will you give me a sketch of my idea before a deposit is required?

We will help you through the process. See answers to the most commonly asked questions below!

Frequently asked questions

View below some answers to the most frequently asked questions about commissioning custom artwork by Liks.

LIKS graffiti1. Will you give me a sketch of my idea before a deposit is required?
No. A lot of work goes into a custom sketch for a client. We have provided an extensive gallery of work produced by the artist - custom painted canvases, murals, walls, vehicles and exhibits to help showcase graffiti style and creativity by Liks, and to help you decide if you like his design style.

2. Do you offer free estimates for custom designed artwork?
Yes! Fill out our custom design request form today >> Custom Graffiti Canvas Estimate Form

3. I want a custom designed canvas. What do I need to know?
There are a few things you need to know about — such as size, colors, lettering and desired completion date. Be sure to fill out our free custom design request form.

4. What is the process involved in producing a custom designed canvas?
Once you have completed the custom canvas design request form and I have received a 50% deposit, I will work to produce a sketch based upon the agreed concept / ideas. On approval of the sketch and I will paint your custom artwork on a Deserres supplied canvas. For all projects I use either Ironlak, Spanish Montana paint  or Germany Montana Paint all which are both produced for and by graffiti artists. On completion of the canvas I will email you a photo of the finalized product. After the remaining 50% of payment is received, the artwork will be shipped to your location and a tracking number will be provided.

5. What size of canvas should I choose?
Some things to consider when choosing a canvas size is the size of your wall, your colour choice, and most importantly what lettering you wish to incorporate into the design. Depending on the amount of letters chosen, a single canvas can be appropriate, or a 2 or 3 piece canvas is commonly used to achieve the effect of many letters.

6. Does smaller mean cheaper?
Not necessarily. A smaller canvas often requires the use of paint pens (as a certain amount of space is needed to achieve detail using spray paint). Paint pens allow for more complexity, but this makes them more time-consuming and thus increase the cost of the project/amount of time required to complete the artwork.

Custom Painted 3' x 3' canvas set of 3
E.g. 3' x 3' canvas set of 3, with the wording "North 55".
Completed using spray paint.
Custom painted 16" x 16" canvas
E.g. 16" x 16" canvas, with lettering "Max" & zombie
character. Completed using paint pens/spray paint drips.


7. What do you recommend?
For a canvas to be painted solely with spray paint, the smallest size we would recommend is:

  • 4 x 3 foot single canvas
  • 3 x 4 foot canvas set of 2
  • 3 x 2 foot canvas set of 3

For a custom canvas created with paint pens, the smallest size we would recommend is:

  • 3 x 5 inch canvas

PLEASE NOTE: The above is to be used as guidelines only. The recommended canvas size depends entirely on the letters chosen. For example, an 8 letter word will not fit on a 4' x 3' single canvas, and would be better suited to a canvas set of 3. Or a smaller 2 letter word could fit on a smaller canvas than recommended above.

Still not sure what size to choose? We can help. Just let us know what lettering you would like to use and we can recommend and give different price points with regards to what canvas would work best for your artwork. The best part of a custom designed piece of art is that it is flexible and can tailor the canvas size to match with your proposed letters.

8. How long will it take to paint your custom designed canvas?
The length of time spent producing your canvas/mural will depend on the design complexity, size and organization of the client. An average custom designed canvas designed by Liks is completed in a month (this does not include shipping time).

9. What type of canvas do you use?
We use quality crafted Deserres canvases, stretched on 1 ¾'' stretcher strips with a ¾'' border of excess canvas is folded and stapled in the back of the stretcher to allow easy canvas re-stretching.

10. What are your payment terms?
For a custom designed canvas / mural, a minimum deposit of 50% of the estimate is required to commence work, and the remainder due upon project completion. Final payment of the remaining balance is due within fifteen (15) business days after completion of the project.

11. Why work with Liks?
I have been involved in the graffiti scene since the late 80's, and pride myself on creating graffiti pieces that are designed from scratch - each piece is unique and never repeated. I encourage an open relationship with clients and value their ideas and visions for their canvas or mural. I am passionate about graffiti design and my end goal is a canvas or mural you are 100% happy with.